"O" is for Opportunity Schools

Dec 29, 2020

"O" is for Opportunity Schools. Dr. Wil Lou Gray, the state supervisor in adult education, created a boarding school for young people who could not attend public school or who had not gone further than the fifth grade. The school opened in August 1921 at the Tamassee DAR School in Oconee County to offer educational opportunities for undereducated young white women. For a decade the school operated during August on the campuses of Anderson, Erskine, Clemson, and Lander colleges. By 1931 it was co-educational and in 1936 the Opportunity School for Negroes opened at Vorhees. In 1947, the General Assembly appropriated funds to make adult education available year-round. In the 21st century, the Opportunity School, operating from its permanent campus in Lexington County, continues to be an alternative educational source for teenagers and young adults.