"O" is for Ottolengui, Rodrigues [1861-1937]

May 6, 2020

"O" is for Ottolengui, Rodrigues [1861-1937]. Orthodontist. Lepidopterist. Editor. Novelist. After attending the College of Charleston, Ottolengui moved to New York City to apprentice under some of the nation's leading dental surgeons. He became interested in orthodontics, was the author of dental textbook, for forty years was the editor of a dental periodical, Dental Items of Interest. An avid reader of detective stories, he was a pioneer in the field of forensic dentistry and wrote at least five mystery novels—some of which were published abroad. He was a charter member of the New York Entomological Society and became the country's leading authority on the family of noctuid moths—the pulsias. In 1913 Rodrigues Ottolengui published a work on every North American species of pulsias—including new species and illustrating them with his own photographs.