"P" is for Pardo, Jaun

Dec 30, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"P" is for Pardo, Juan. Spanish soldier, explorer. In 1565, Pardo travelled to Spanish Florida as the captain of one of six military companies sent to reinforce the colony. His company was posted to Santa Elena, located on present-day Parris Island. He was ordered to explore for an overland route to the silver mines of Mexico—thought to be just several hundred miles inland. He never reached Mexico, but his two expeditions provided a valuable look at mid sixteenth century southeastern Indians. On his second expedition he built six forts, garrisoned with Spanish soldiers. Two of the forts were in South Carolina. However, within months of his return to Santa Elena, the Indians had destroyed the inland forts. Juan Pardo served as lieutenant governor at Santa Elena until 1569 when he departed the colony for Spain.