"S" is for South Carolina Educational Television Network

Jul 26, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"S" is for South Carolina Educational Television Network. The South Carolina Educational Television Network (SCETV) is a state agency providing educational, cultural, and historical programming to South Carolinians through telecommunications. SCETV began in 1957, with a resolution by the General Assembly calling for a sturdy of the use of television in the public schools. Within six years that pilot had developed into a closed circuit network that reached schools in all forty-six counties—and included one open circuit broadcast station, WNTV in Greenville. Under Henry J. Cauthen’s leadership, SCETV grew to include seven open circuit stations, began South Carolina Education Radio Network (now South Carolina Public Radio) and built a state-of-the-art satellite broadcasting system. At the start of the twenty-first century, South Carolina Educational Television operated twelve regional stations, which were overseen by an eight-member commission.