"S" is for Stoney, Samuel Gaillard (1891-1968)

Nov 15, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"S" is for Stoney, Samuel Gaillard (1891-1968). Architect, author, historian, preservationist. Stoney is considered by many to be the quintessential Charlestonian. After graduating with a degree in architecture from Georgia Tech, he worked in Atlanta and New York. In 1933 he began a frank love affair with his native city. President of the South Carolina Historical Society, the Preservation Society, and other organizations, Stoney helped document the city’s past while fighting to save much of its architecture. He contributed substantially to seminal works on area architecture: Plantations of the Carolina Low Country and This is Charleston. As the author of numerous historical articles and contributor to the intellectual life of the city, Samuel Gaillard Stoney built a scholarly foundation for the documentation and study of Charleston, which, in turn, treated him as a favorite son.