SC Hairstylist for Film Industry Promoting Safety After Tragic Accident

Sep 6, 2019

You may remember the tragic movie production accident in Georgia five years ago when Columbia, SC-native and camera assistant, Sarah Jones, was killed by a train that she had no idea was scheduled to be on the tracks at that time.  Other crew members were severely injured, including our next guest, a hairstylist for the film industry from Charleston, SC, who went on to start up a nonprofit focused on promoting safety awareness on television and film production sets.  Earlier this year, she was recognized for her achievements with the “Behind the Scenes” award at the13th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival.

Mike Switzer interviews Joyce Gilliard, an author, activist, educator, motivational speaker, founder of the SC Hair & Makeup Network, and founder of the nonprofit organization, iSAFE! TV & FiLM.