Your Compositions featured on On The Keys

Aug 25, 2016

Xenia Pestova
Credit Carla Rees

This week on On the Keys, the Canadian composer Chris Harman's piano piece After Schumann I will be featured on the Your Compositions movement of the show. 

Have you written piano piece  after  the year 2000? Your Compositions is open to submissions. Please send inquires to host David Kiser at

After Schumann, like the title suggests is highly accessible, modern music inspired by the Album for the Young by Schumann.  Mei Yi Foo gives a lovely performance of this 10 minute piece consisting of 8 short movements based on 7 pieces from that Album. David Kiser explains how it works during the broadcast.

Xenia Pestova, pianist and electric music pioneer kindly allowed us permission to post her performance of After Schumann. In fact, Christ Harman wrote the piece for her!