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The New Sergei Rachmaninoff?

Photo by Marco Borggreve


 Ivan Moshchuk is a Detroit based pianist and winner of the 2010 Gilmore Young Artist award. He is also a fine composer, or was a composer. Hear his lovely piece,  Album Leaf that's reminiscent of Sergei Rachmaninoff and learn why he can't focus on too many things at once. Currently he is a pianist, but let's hope this program is an encouragement to him to continue composing.  Piano Concerto any one? 

His personal audio diary and a recording of the piece will be posted after the show airs Thursday, 8 pm on the Classical Stations. He kindly granted us permission to share the Feuillet d'album score.  See below for the complete piece.

The Great Pianist from History this week is Leo Smit. The University of Buffalo, his final place of work, has a nice collection of photos. Leo Smit was not only a versatile pianists, he was a composer who studied with Copland and Kabelevsky.  During the show you'll get a chance to hear Smit as composer and pianist in his Ostinato.

Credit Photo by Irene Haupt
Leo Smit, pianist and composer

He is the most American of pianists. His simple style brings back the wonder of mid-century American composers and culture. 

Thursday evening at 8. SC Public Radio Classical Stations.

Credit Ivan Moshchuk
Feuillet d'Album page 1

Credit Ivan Moshchuk
Feuillet d'album page 2

Credit Ivan Moshchuk
Feuillet d'album page 3

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