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“Y” is for York

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  “Y” is for York in York County [population 6,985]. The courthouse town of York was originally known as Fergus' Cross Roads. Incorporated in 1849 it was known as Yorkville. Antebellum Yorkville was a prosperous town with a per capita wealth second only to Charleston's. During Reconstruction, Yorkville and York County were the scenes of violence unequaled in any other part of the state. At the turn of the twentieth century, textiles came to York, but the town's population and economy were eclipsed by nearby Rock Hill's growth. The closure of the mills in the 1970s and 1980s led to York's becoming a commuter community for residents seeking employment in nearby Charlotte. York, today, remains a relatively small town, but its historic district with a number of antebellum structures has become a major tourist attraction.