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"Z" is for Zubly, the Reverend John Joachim (1724-1781)

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  "Z" is for Zubly, the Reverend John Joachim (1724-1781), Minister. Zubly was born in Switzerland. After being ordained a clergyman in London's German Reformed Church, he immigrated to Georgia. Although the Reformed Congregation in Georgia requested that the Trustees of the Colony appoint Zubly as their pastor, another was selected instead.

Zubly then began a ministry among German communities in the South Carolina lowcountry and quickly gained a reputation throughout the American colonies for his learned sermons and writings. The College of New Jersey [Princeton] awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree. 

In 1760, he moved back to Georgia. As tensions increased with Great Britain, he wrote a number of pamphlets acknowledging colonial grievances, but promoting loyalty to the crown. One of John Joachim Zubly’s best-known pamphlets was “An Humble a Freeholder of South-Carolina.”

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