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“C” is for Caesars Head State Park

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  “C” is for Caesars Head State Park. Located in Greenville County near the border with North Carolina, the park encompasses 7,467 acres. In the mid-nineteenth century, Colonel Benjamin Hagood purchased 500 acres and built a hotel. By the 1920s a highway had been constructed, houses were built, and a small summer community developed at Caesars Head. There are three versions of the origin of the name Caesars Head. One says that a hunting dog named Caesar jumped off the cliff while in pursuit of his prey and his distraught owner named the cliff after; the second says it is a corruption of the Cherokee word “sachem” or chief; and the third says that the prominent monadnock which gives the park its name resembles the profile of Julius Caesar. Caesars Head State Park was established in 1979.

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