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“O” is for Old Brick Church (Fairfield County)

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South Carolina from A to Z: “O” is for Old Brick Church (Fairfield County)

“O” is for Old Brick Church (Fairfield County). Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church known commonly as the “Old Brick Church,” is one of only a handful of eighteenth-century ecclesiastical buildings in the Midlands. Built in 1788, the plain-brick masonry building stands at a site along the Little River about twelve miles from Winnsboro. The interior is austere and features long, straight-backed wooden pews and a dais-style pulpit. The church and an adjoining cemetery are surrounded by a granite wall erected in 1852. On May 9, 1803, the church was the site of a gathering of ministers and church elders that resulted in the formation of the Associate Reformed Synod of the Carolinas. Today it is revered as the “mother church” of the A.R.P. denomination. In 1971 Old Brick Church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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