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Alex Murdaugh

  • A South Carolina judge has sided with prosecutors who asked him to put strict controls on how Alex Murdaugh's defense can review evidence before the disgraced lawyer's murder trial in the deaths of his wife and son. Circuit Judge Clifton Newman sided with prosecutors and their desire for the rules to make sure evidence isn't released until Murdaugh's January trial for the 2021 shootings of his wife and son. Murdaugh's lawyers say the rules will prevent them from properly reviewing evidence and prosecutors have already been leaking it.
  • A showdown between defense attorneys for disbarred lawyer Alex Murdaugh who say prosecutors are unfairly withholding evidence and those prosecutors who want the defense to agree to secrecy rules first is heading for a courtroom next week. In their latest court filing, defense lawyers said the secrecy rules as Murdaugh awaits a murder trial in the shooting deaths of his wife and younger son are hypocritical. The defense says prosecutors are leaking evidence to media outlets, including a video the leaker said was taken not long before the killings. Prosecutors, including South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson himself, denied the leaks. A hearing about the matter is scheduled for Monday at the Colleton County courthouse.
  • A disbarred South Carolina attorney charged with killing his wife and son has been indicted on another round of financial crimes. This time, prosecutors say 54-year-old Alex Murdaugh stole nearly $295,000 from the PMPED Law Firm founded by his prominent legal family a century ago. Prosecutors say Murdaugh cashed a $121,000 check meant for his brother. They say he also took $175,000 of settlements for huis own use that was supposed to go into the firm's bank account. Murdaugh is awaiting trial likely in January on the murder charges for the June 2021 shootings of his wife, Maggie, and son Paul as well as about 90 other charges.
  • Attorneys for disbarred South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh say prosecutors are taking too much time to share their evidence that the disbarred attorney killed his wife and son. It's a technical legal dispute that takes place in plenty of trials, but because of all the public attention on Murdaugh's case, attorney Dick Harpootlian called a news conference Wednesday that drew a dozen cameras. Harpootlian says prosecutors want a "trial by ambush." Prosecutors say it is a manufactured drama that is just part of what defense lawyers always do. The dispute is going before a judge.
  • A judge has revoked house arrest for the man who authorities say agreed to kill disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh so he could get a life insurance settlement for Murdaugh's son but only grazed his head. Thursday's decision by a circuit judge requires Curtis "Eddie" Smith to await trial in jail on a second set of charges linked to Murdaugh. Both men are charged with running a drug and $2.4 million money laundering ring. Smith was taken to the Richland County jail — the same place where Murdaugh is awaiting trail without bail on two murder charges in the 2021 shooting deaths of his wife and son.
  • The once-powerful and now disbarred South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he murdered his wife and son 13 months ago, with one of his defense attorneys calling for a speedy trial to clear his name and prod authorities to “go for the real killers.”
  • Once-prominent and now-disbarred South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is briefly leaving jail Wednesday for a bond hearing on murder charge s in the shootings of his wife and son 13 months ago.
  • The mounting indictments and police investigations surrounding Alex Murdaugh have led to widespread interest in the yearlong saga that has unfolded since his wife and son were found shot to death on their property. The disgraced South Carolina lawyer faces more than 70 indictments, including allegations of fraud, a drug ring, a staged attempt on his life and more than $8 million stolen. He was charged with murder in the deaths of his wife and son Thursday. Longtime friends and associates have been roped into the charges as well. This timeline lays out the events in the cases against Murdaugh.
  • The downfall of disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh can be traced through people whose lives crossed his. There was his wife, found dead along with their youngest son in June 2021. That led to a half-dozen investigations into his finances. There is the 19-year-old woman killed in a boating crash. Prosecutors say Murdaugh's slain son was drunk and drove the boat into a bridge pier. A wrongful death lawsuit by the teen's family threatened to expose Murdaugh's schemes to steal money from his law firm and clients. There also was the Murdaugh housekeeper, who died in a fall, and the one-time client who prosecutors say ran a drug and money laundering scheme with the disbarred attorney.
  • Once prominent attorney Alex Murdaugh may be charged this week in connection with the murders of his wife and son.