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  • A South Carolina family is seeking justice for a woman killed by her neighbor who was intoxicated while doing target practice in his backyard. Nicholas Skylar Lucas is accused of murder in the shooting death of Kesha Luwan Lucille Tate after crime scene technicians debunked his claim that the shots ricocheted off his target. The local sheriff's office says the only way she could have been struck is if the shooter turned in her direction and intentionally fired. But the family says a guilty conviction would not be enough to avenge her death. They're seeking a change in the law that would make it illegal to practice firing guns in a residential neighborhood.
  • Authorities say a woman killed while looking out the window of her South Carolina home was intentionally shot by a neighbor shooting at targets in his yard. Prosecutors upgraded the charge against 30-year-old Nicholas Lucas to murder on Monday. Investigators say crime scene technicians determined the fatal bullet could not have richocheted off a satellite dish being used as a target and then hit 42-year-old Kesha Tate. Authorities say the woman was killed Saturday in her Gaffney home by a bullet to the chest that showed no signs of richocheting.