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  • A lawsuit alleging the rampant sexual abuse of underage athletes at a competitive cheerleading gym in South Carolina has been amended to name six more coaches as defendants and three more accusers. The accusers — now seven female and two male — say in the federal lawsuit amended Thursday that they were sexually abused by coaches at Rockstar Cheerleading and Dance in Greenville, which is in the northwestern corner of the state. The accusers' lawyers allege that sexual abuse at the gym could date back two decades. According to the lawsuit, the abuse ranged from rape and forced oral sex to molestation and pressuring children as young as 13 to send nude photos of themselves to coaches.
  • A federal lawsuit alleges that multiple cheerleading coaches in South Carolina abused at least six students, including boys and girls. Scott Foster was the head of Rockstar Cheer of Greenville. Police say he killed himself last month. The lawsuit filed Thursday names him and alleges that he and other coaches also provided cheerleading students with drugs and alcohol. One of the lawyers representing the alleged victims said a "coven of sexual predators" operated at the school for more than a decade. Attorneys say state and federal police are investigating the abuse. Police have declined to comment to news outlets.
  • A project launched by researchers at Furman University found thousands of now-toothless racially restrictive deed covenants in the Greenville area. They say it matters a lot that we hear about them because their effects are still with us.
  • Set in Jim Crow South Carolina, Stinney is based on the horrific events leading to the execution of the youngest person sentenced to death in 20th-century America. Glow Lyric Theatre is presenting four performances of the opera—a collaboration between Frances Pollock and Tia Price—through the end of July.
  • Grace Church has purchased a dormitory building from Greenville Technical College to convert into affordable housing as part of a special program to address the local housing crisis.The church will serve as the landlord for the property, and rent will be adjusted to fit families' income. Rent prices will range from $450 for a single room to $1,000 for a three-bedroom unit.
  • Prosecutors say a 12-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting his classmate in a South Carolina middle school hallway should be tried as an adult on a murder charge. Monday's request by prosecutors to move the case out of Family Court did not include any explanation on why the boy should be charged as an adult. Murder carries a sentence of 30 years to life in prison in South Carolina. If he is convicted as a juvenile, he couldn't be kept in jail after he turns 22. Jamari Cortez Bonaparte Jackson was shot during a class change at Tanglewood Middle School in Greenville on March 31.
  • Greenville performing arts organization returns to the stage with three productions spanning opera, musical theatre, and a range of other genres
  • A county council in South Carolina has decided not to give the state’s Hispanic Alliance a grant to market a temporary art installation praised by some as culturally enriching but decried by others as pornographic.
  • Officials in South Carolina's most populous county may cut money to a community group after complaints about an art exhibit of nude statues.
  • On a given day, the United Way of Greenville County used to field 50, maybe 60 calls from residents needing help. When the pandemic and its economic…