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parental leave

  • The South Carolina House has unanimously approved a bill allowing teachers or other school district staff up to six weeks of paid leave when they give birth or adopt a child. The bill was passed 113-0 Wednesday and faces one more routine approval before being sent to the Senate. It mirrors a law passed last year that allowed parental leave for state employees. But the General Assembly didn't include educators in that proposal and teachers were angry. The House proposal allows teachers who give birth or are the primary caretakers of an adopted child six weeks of paid leave. The other parent can take up to two weeks and parents who foster a child in state custody also are eligible for two weeks of leave.
  • Starting in October, state employees in South Carolina are entitled to six weeks of parental leave after giving birth or adopting children. Republican Gov. Henry McMaster held a signing ceremony Thursday for the law he put his signature to back in May. The law provides six weeks of leave at full salary for the primary parent or caretaker of a baby and two weeks for the other parent for both natural births and adoptions. It also provides two weeks paid leave for foster parents who take in a new child. Supporters wanted 12 weeks, but the South Carolina Senate only backed six.