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SC Senate

  • South Carolina Senate President Harvey Peeler has sent a letter to senators canceling the special session set to begin Oct. 12. They were supposed to debate how to spend billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief money and redistricting. Peeler says the a subcommittee working on the new state Senate districts won't have the maps ready. And since the House doesn't plan to take up the pandemic money until January, there was no need to pass that bill now.
  • South Carolina lawmakers are weighing testimony from members of the public and doctors about treatments for COVID-19. A panel of lawmakers that oversees medical issues has spent two days this month on the topic as the state continues to grapple with thousands of new cases. Some doctors on Wednesday promoted the use of drugs that haven't been proven to treat COVID-19. Department of Health and Environmental Control Director Dr. Edward Simmer said the agency warns that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine can be dangerous but can't stop doctors from prescribing the drugs. Simmer told lawmakers the growing demand for the antibody infusions proven to lessen COVID-19 symptoms has also created a temporary supply bottleneck for the treatment.