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Tropical storm Nicole

  • Tropical Storm Nicole is now a depression dumping heavy rain in places from Georgia to New York. Flooding is still possible in urban and mountain areas, with as much as 8 inches of rainfall predicted for the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dozens of homes and high-rises have been declared structurally unsafe in the Daytona Beach area. The buildings were evacuated as Nicole's storm surge compromised their foundations. Some houses lost their backsides as the storm swallowed the shore. At least three deaths were reported — a man and woman electrocuted by a downed power line and a man whose yacht was slammed by waves against a dock.
  • Tropical Storm Nicole has sent multiple homes collapsing into the Atlantic Ocean. Nicole made landfall as a hurricane early Thursday near Vero Beach, Florida, but the brunt of the damage was along the East Coast well north of there, in the Daytona Beach area. Its damaging coastal surge was hitting beachfront properties in Daytona Beach Shores that lost their last protections during Hurricane Ian. Nicole is expected to dump lots of rain over a large area of the southeastern United States, with up to six inches falling over the Blue Ridge Mountains.