Currier & Ives & Cameron, J. (ca. 1884) An exciting finish
Library of Congress

According to the South Carolina Encyclopedia, “’The Sport of Kings’ emerged in South Carolina as soon as colonists gained firm footing and began amassing property and wealth enough to emulate the lifestyles of England and the Caribbean.” Horse racing and horse culture became an important part of South Carolina’s economic life in the 20th century and continue to thrive. Dr. E. Gabrielle Kuenzli of the University of South Carolina joins Dr.

Marsh Tackies Make a Come Back on Dafuskie Island

Sep 4, 2018
Estelita is the first Marsh Tacky foal born on Dafuskie Island in decades
Victoria Hansen/SC Public Radio

With her windows rolled down, Erica Veit gives me a lift  at the ferry boat landing on Dafuskie Island.  The other passengers, mostly tourists, scramble for golf carts.  There are few paved roads and no grocery store, hospital or police.  The hour long ride from Hilton Head Island was a sign.  This place is remote and intriguing.

Show horse and rider

  This week on South Carolina Focus, we learn about the successful show horse industry in South Carolina, and the extraordinary success of two breeders/trainers. Bob and Kelli Bennett of Swansea have won more than 10 national championships with their own Arabian horses, and Bob has trained many more national champions and top 10 Arabians. They give us a hint at what it takes to be a champion in this competitive field.