A Flying Museum: Madras Maiden Tours Offer Military Aviation History Trip

Sep 20, 2017

Between 1935 and 1945, more than 12,000 World War II Boeing B-17 Bombers were produced. The aircraft was dubbed the “Flying Fortress,” as a result of the defensive fire power used during the war. A little more than a third (4,735) were lost in combat and today only 12 still take to the skies.

The Madras Maiden is a B-17 that was built towards the end of the war; it was used as a training aircraft. Today, the bomber is owned by the Liberty Foundation, a nonprofit museum whose mission is to preserve WWII aviation history.

The Liberty Foundation's 45-minute, B-17 experience will fly in Charleston September 23 from the Charleston Executive Airport (2742 Fort Trenholm Rd. Johns Island, SC 29455) and in Columbia on September 24 from the Jim Hamilton-LB Owens Airport (1400 Jim Hamilton Blvd. Columbia, SC 29205). For more information, visit www.libertyfoundation.org or call (918) 340-0243.