"G" is for Grits

Jul 25, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"G" is for Grits. Grits is (or are) the coarse-to-fine ground product of a milling process whereby the hull of the dried corn kernel is popped open and the fleshy part is milled into tiny particles. Mill stones carved with grooves radiating outward from the center were set by the miller to grind the dried corn into course, medium, and fine grits as well as corn meal. Purists avow that today’s steel-roller grits don’t taste the same. Grits, like rice, is a base for other foods and flavorings. Favorite complements in South Carolina are red eye gravy and sausage and sawmill gravy---and shrimp, country ham, fried fish and quail as favorite “grits and…” dishes. Hominy is the Native American word for dried corn and is the name for what we came to call grits.