"H" is for Huger, Isaac (1743-1797)

Jul 5, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"H" is for Huger, Isaac (1743-1797). Soldier. Huger began his military career as an officer in the South Carolina expedition against the Cherokees. With the onset of the Revolution he was appointed a lieutenant colonel in the South Carolina militia. Huger was promoted to colonel and later commanded the First and Fifth South Carolina Regiments. In 1779, he was promoted to brigadier general in the Continental army. He fought and was wounded at the Battle of Stono Ferry and commanded the South Carolina and Georgia militia at the siege of Savannah. He later rejoined the Continental Army and Nathanael Greene made Huger his second in command and commanded troops at Guilford Courthouse and Hobkirk Hill. After the war Isaac Huger was a member of the General Assembly and was elected sheriff of Charleston District.