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Compost Worms

Managing your compost pile can become a fun and easy hobby, but did you know that earth worms can be a great addition to your compost?  Earth worms are champions at decomposition and adding a few to your compost can not only enrich your compost material, but earth worms can help you do some to the heavy lifting as well.  Be sure your compost material is moist before adding worms as they require a dark moist environment to survive.  If your compost exists within a container, you’ll want compost worms rather than earth worms.  Typically, red wiggler worms are used in container composting.  Because worms are continually moving and eating, they do the work of turning your pile for you, so all you have to do is add fresh compost material.  Something to consider once you add worms to your compost: temperature is important.  Worms thrive in temperatures from 55 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.