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Surviving Homeownership


Whether you’re new to homeownership, or you’ve been in your home for years, your house probably didn’t come with an owner’s manual.  So here are a few tips to keep in mind when things aren’t going as you planned!

When landscaping, always call 811 before you dig to make sure you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself on buried lines.  Got a lock that won’t turn?  Before you call the locksmith, try spraying some WD-40 into the keyhole to lubricate the mechanism.  Doors can stick for a number of reasons: a loose hinge, too much paint, a settling house, or even too much humidity in the air.  A settling door or one with too much paint can be sanded or planed at the trouble spot and repainted.  If the door jams in dry weather, your problem is likely a loose screw in the hinge.  Stained grout is a dirty situation, but the secret here is a good steam cleaner!