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Plant Protein


Many vegetarians are familiar with the protein dilemma, but as grocery prices continue to rise, we carnivores are also looking for inexpensive alternatives to animal protein.  Meat, eggs, and dairy may be the most obvious sources of protein in your diet, but there are plenty of plant based protein sources to choose from!  And plant based proteins offer more fiber and less cholesterol than their animal based counterparts. 

Nuts and seeds will offer the most protein per ounce, so look for Chia seeds which contain twelve grams of protein per once quarter cup, or hemp seeds which pack ten grams of protein in a quarter cup.  Swap your pasta for Quinoa and enjoy six grams of protein per quarter cup.  Eat one cup of shelled Brazil Nuts for a whopping twenty grams of protein.  In addition to seeds and nuts, these fruits and vegetables are all great sources of protein: Goji berries, peas, barley grass, broccoli, spinach, and sprouts.