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Jeff Martin/Associated Press

  • An arrest warrant states that marijuana was involved in a deadly South Carolina crash in which a former "American Idol" contestant has been charged with driving under the influence. Authorities say 17-year-old Caleb Kennedy ran over a man with his pickup truck Tuesday after driving up a residential driveway in Spartanburg County. A prosecutor said in court Wednesday that Kennedy told deputies after the crash that he had taken a "deep draw" from a vaping device and felt its effects while driving. Kennedy's lawyer called it a "terrible accident" and said no alcohol was involved. The warrant is the first indication that marijuana is part of the prosecution's felony charge.
  • When the giant cargo ship began to tip over off the Georgia coast, harbor pilot Jonathan Tennant found himself on his side, screaming orders in the darkness while flying debris that felt like gravel pelted him. After much of the Golden Ray slipped into the sea, crew members feared they would perish if they stayed on the ship — but they also could die if they attempted perilous climbs and dangerous leaps to reach the ocean. Their accounts are contained in interviews included among more than 1,700 pages of documents made public Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board.