Maureen McCollum

Maureen McCollum is a Wisconsin Public Radio reporter based in La Crosse covering a variety of topics in the southwest region of the state. She also hosts and helps produce a weekly regional WPR program, Newsmakers.

Maureen's love of radio began at an early age, when she created shows on her parents' boombox. She eventually found her calling in public radio while working at WPR in La Crosse as a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Post-graduation, Maureen worked at KBIA as a reporter, anchor, producer, and mentor to University of Missouri journalism students.

Her stories have been featured on Marketplace and NPR.



Parents and children alike are adjusting to a life of school and work at home, and they're having to do it together. NPR's Yuki Noguchi is one of many parents trying to navigate.

YUKI NOGUCHI, BYLINE: Last week, I had just transitioned to working from home full-time. Then my 10-year-old son Kenzo came home with a large Ziploc bag full of school supplies.

Is this an iPad?



KENZO: This is, like, all of fourth grade in one Google Classroom.