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Eight Weekly Episodes Beginning March 1

Where does debt come from? How does it get so out of hand? And why is it such a difficult topic to discuss?

On South Carolina Public Radio's InDebted, host Scott Morgan explores the issue of debt in the Palmetto State, including medical debt, student loan debt, short-term loan services, financial literacy, and more. According to research by the Urban Institute on the amount of debt burden by county across the U.S., seven of the top 50 counties were in South Carolina, with more than half of the residents living with excessive debt.

Join us for a deep dive into the factors that make our state one of the worst places for debt in the country, and the stories of real South Carolinians living in this ecosystem of debt.

Latest Episodes
  • South Carolina’s debt situation is bad. But all is not lost. In this episode of InDebted, we wrap up the series with a look at what some of South Carolina’s greatest thinkers, lawmakers, and lenders are doing to address the Palmetto State’s ecosystem of debt.
  • You do not need to be poor to get caught in the cycle of debt. On this episode of InDebted, a look at how even those with good credit and successful businesses can fall victim to predators and end up in financial trouble.
  • For many South Carolinians, large medical expenses can change their lives completely. In fact, the Palmetto State currently has one of the highest levels of uninsured of any state. On this episode of InDebted, we look at medical debt in South Carolina and the very high cost of falling ill.
  • In parts of South Carolina, residents without access to traditional financial institutions have to rely on alternative services such as payday loans, rent-to-own services, and auto title loans. On this episode of InDebted, we hear from the unbanked and underbanked, and learn why some economic experts view debt as a public health crisis.
  • Driven by the fear of insufficient funds or unexpected life events, payday borrowers are forced to pay the loan fees before they pay basic living expenses. In this episode of InDebted, Scott Morgan takes in inside look at the short-term lender business.
  • Barnwell County, SC is a place of timeless beauty, but for many residents it’s also a place with no future for growth or work. On the third episode of InDebted, we explore how a lack of opportunities passed down through generations is the backdrop for one of the worst places for debt in the United States and how for many the only way to get ahead is to go somewhere else.