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September 11: Tragedy, Ministry, Forgiveness

FILE - Lyndon Harris
Lyndon Harris, priest in charge of St. Paul's Chapel, NY City, pictured here outside the chapel, across from the collapsed World Trade Center towers. For 8 months following the terrorist attack, he helped run a ministry that provided food, counselling, and respite to emergency personnel and workers at Ground Zero.

On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, Walter Edgar's Journal offers this special encore of a conversation with Lyndon Harris, who was on Wall Street the day the World Trade Center towers fell. At that time, Gaffney, SC, native Lyndon Harris was the Priest in Charge of St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel, which was across from the World Trade Center.

In September of 2011, Harris returned to his home state to take part in an exhibition at the Cherokee County History and Arts Museum, Eyewitnesses to 9/11: From Tragedy to Transformation. He joined Walter Edgar in our studio to tell the story of the extraordinary ministry begun at St. Paul’s on 9/12 and about his work with Gardens of Forgiveness, where he is currently Executive Director. Harris is also minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Carolina Foothills.

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