"B" is for Brown, Morris (1770-1849)

Mar 27, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"B" is for Brown, Morris (1770-1849). In the early nineteenth century, Brown, a free mulatto of Charleston, received a license to preach and organize a congregation of black Methodists. When white Methodists reduced the influence that black Methodists had over church affairs, Brown and hundreds of black Methodists withdrew from the denomination in 1817 and formed a new African congregation in Charleston. Brown traveled to Philadelphia where he was admitted as an elder in the African American Episcopal Church. His Charleston church, which had grown to more than three thousand members, affiliated with this northern denomination. In the aftermath of the Denmark Vesey plot, Brown fled Charleston and his church was closed. In 1828 Morris Brown was elected as the second bishop of the African American Episcopal Church—and in 1831 became the denomination’s sole bishop.