Classical Music

Sep 22, 2014

Classical Music is not a precise term and how could it be when it's used as a label for music from countless styles, periods, and nationalities from the Gregorian chant of the 7th century to the diverse and unpredictable products of the 21st?

What it is is a practical term.  When you use it, people generally know what you mean.  And at the very least, they know what you don't mean.  The music you'll find in the classical section of the record store, if you can find a record store, may be John Adams or Mozart, Mazorski, or Monteverdi.  But it won't be Madonna or Folk, Jazz Rock, Hip Hop, or Bluegrass.  Within the broad category of Classical Music, however, the word Classical also has a narrow meaning.  It's the label that applies specifically to the era and musical style of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. 

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