Classical Music Insecurity

Sep 15, 2014

When you hear a piece of classical music you like, do you distrust your own opinion?  And when you hear a piece you don't like, do you believe the people who tell you it's your own fault? 

Do you worry that you just don't know enough? You may be suffering from classical music insecurity complex.  But here's the good news, you don't have to suffer, and in fact, you already know and hear more than you think you do.  Think about it: you hear changes in mood, speed, volume, pitch, and instrumentation.  you recognize patterns of melody, harmony and rhythm and you notice changes in those patterns.  In short, you have all the musical elements that composers need to move you, which is why you find yourself moved.  And when the ingredients are badly mixed, you notice that, too.  You may not know the technical names for the ingredients, but you can always learn them if you want to.  In any case, the most important thing is simply to enjoy the music.

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