A Life in Journalism: Pulitzer Winner Jim Hoagland

Apr 25, 2016

Journalist Jim Hoagland
Credit SCETV

  In December of 2015, the Pulitzer Prize Board awarded a grant to Humanities SC for From the Jazz Age to the Digital Age: Pulitzer Prize Winners in South Carolina, a program to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Prizes in 2016 through Pulitzer’s Campfires Initiative. Humanities SC has partnered with SCETV to produce three, 30-minute TV programs spotlighting the state’s Pulitzer winners, hosted by Charles Bierbauer, Dean of the USC College of Information and Communication. The first of these programs, Celebrating Pulitzer Commentary with Kathleen Parker & Jim Hoagland will air on SCETV on May 5.

This week on Walter Edgar’s Journal, Jim Hoagland talks about his career, including the stories on South African apartheid which won him a Pulitzer for his reporting. He also talks about the commentary on the breakup of the Soviet Union, which won him a second Pulitzer. And he shares his observations about the global political and cultural stories of today.

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