Over Here, Over There: the Upstate in the Great War

Nov 10, 2017

Furman University's Dr. Courtney Tollison co-curated “Over Here, Over There: Greenville in the Great War,” an exhibition on display in the spring of 2017 at Furman University’s James B. Duke Library. The exhibit examined World War I’s (1914-1918) impact on the Greenville community as well as the contributions of the area to the war effort, domestically and overseas; and it assessed the mixed legacy of progress emanating from the war years.

Through exposure to new people and new ideas, and as a beneficiary of the nation’s great economic mobilization, World War I brought social and economic progress along with changes in infrastructure to the area, but fell short of what could have been accomplished during this time of national and international upheaval. Dr. Courtney Tollison, Furman University, shares what the research she and her students uncovered about how Greenville and the upstate participated in war efforts and the effects the war and its aftermath had on the region..

All Stations: Fri, Nov 17, 12 pm | News & Talk Stations: Sun, Nov 19, 4 pm