Reconstruction: South Carolina and the Nation After the Civil War

Apr 1, 2019

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., has said, "Reconstruction is one of the most important and consequential chapters in American history. It is also among the most overlooked, misunderstood and misrepresented." Gates' new four-part television series for PBS, Reconstruction: America after the Civil War begins it run on April 9 on SCETV.

For an overview of this era in American history, Dr. Walter Edgar is joined by a fellow historian, Dr. J. Brent Morris, Director of the University of South Carolina Beaufort's Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era, for a discussion of Reconstruction and its aftermath, beginning with the hopeful moment of war's end and emancipation in 1865 and carrying through to 1915, when the nation was fully entrenched in Jim Crow segregation.

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