Work and Economy in South Carolina During World War I

Mar 5, 2018

South Carolina in 1918 was still struggling with the changes to its economic and social systems brought about by the Civil War and Reconstruction. The United States’ entry into World War I affected the daily work life of South Carolinians and the state’s economy in a way that was unique to our state.

This week, guest host, Dr. Mark Smith of the University of South Carolina, talks with Dr. James C. Cobb, B. Phinizy Spalding Professor of History Emeritus of the University of Georgia,  about South Carolina’s Economy during World War I. This conversation was recorded at the University of South Carolina’s Capstone Conference Center, in Columbia, on February 13, 2018. It was part of the series “Conversations on South Carolina History,” presented in January and February, 2018, and sponsored by the USC College of Arts and Sciences.

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