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Spoleto Festival USA 2023: a stage for retelling stories

Mena Mark Hanna
Leigh Webber/Photo by Leigh Webber leighwebbe
Mena Mark Hanna

Festival General Director Mena Mark Hanna shares about the staggering breadth and uniqueness of the 17-day performing arts festival, touching on a few of the experiences and themes audiences can expect from its 47th season.

In this Sonatas & Soundscapes interview that aired Friday, May 26th, host Bradley Fuller speaks with Spoleto Festival USA General Director Mena Mark Hanna. Hanna shares about some of the overarching themes of the festival’s 47th season, how Spoleto is paying tribute to the memory of a beloved musician and personality, and what has him especially excited for his second year as general director.

Spoleto Festival USA 2023 runs through Sunday, June 11th, and features more than 120 live performances spanning theater, dance, opera, orchestral, choral, and chamber music, jazz, bluegrass, and other genres in venues throughout Charleston.

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Originally from Greenwood, SC, Bradley Fuller has maintained a deep interest in classical music since the age of six. With piano lessons throughout grade school and involvement in marching and concert bands on the saxophone, Bradley further developed musical abilities as well as an appreciation for the importance of arts education.