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“W” is for Wayne, Arthur Trezevant (1863-1930)

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“W” is for Wayne, Arthur Trezevant (1863-1930). Ornithologist. Reared in Charleston, Wayne began visiting the Charleston Museum before he was a teenager. A local taxidermist taught him how to prepare bird skins. Soon he was collecting birds, nests, and eggs, and at age fifteen he donated the first of many specimens he would contribute to the Charleston Museum. After being introduced to a nationally famous ornithologist, Wayne quit his day job and dedicated his waking hours to the study of birds. He frequently published his observations in The Auk (of the journal of the American Ornithologists Union). His careful work made him the most knowledgeable student of his day on South Carolina birds. In 1910 Arthur Trezevent Wayne wrote Birds of South Carolina that established him as one of America’s leading ornithologists.

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