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“C” is for Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

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“C” is for Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1932 as a wintering ground for migrating waterfowl. Located in Charleston County and stretching for twenty-two miles along the coast between Charleston and the Santee River delta, Cape Romain is a rich natural resource. In its shallow bays, tides combine the life-giving nourishment of the ocean with the nutrient-laden freshwaters of rivers to make one of the most productive environments on earth. Plants and animals from the land, rivers, and ocean are all present at Cape Romain and all are dependent on the delicate balance of the marshlands. The refuge is open sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, year-round. Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is host to 335 bird species, 12 types of amphibians, 24 reptile species, and 36 varieties of mammals.

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