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“K” is for Kyrle, Sir Richard (d. 1684). Governor

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“K” is for Kyrle, Sir Richard (d. 1684). Governor. Born in Ireland, Kyrle was knighted and received a landgraveship in Carolina—which entitled him to twelve thousand acres in the fledgling colony. He was commissioned governor on April 28, 1684. A few documents in the public records attest that he made some provincial appointments before his departure for Charleston. He died in the colony either on August 30 or 31, 1684—slightly more than a month after his arrival. Prior to his arrival the governorship had been in the hands of rival political factions living in the province. Historians speculate that the proprietors appointed Kyrle to alleviate some of the political chaos that plagued the province in the late 1670s and 1680s. However, Sir Richard Kyrle’s death did little to alleviate the political battles.

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