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"S” is for Salvador, Francis (ca. 1747-1776)

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"S” is for Salvador, Francis (ca. 1747-1776). Legislator, patriot. Salvador was born in London, the member of a prominent Sephardic Jewish family. He came out to South Carolina in an attempt to restore the family fortune, arriving in 1773. His indigo plantation in Ninety Six was the remnant of more than 200,000 acres acquired by his father and uncle decades earlier. In the events leading up to the American Revolution, he quickly identified with the patriot cause. He represented Ninety Six District in the First and Second Provincial Congresses and the First General Assembly. In August 1776, while on a special mission for the General Assembly to consolidate backcountry support for the new state government, his unit was ambushed and Francis Salvador became the first Jew to die for the cause of American independence.

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