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“L” is for Lieber, Francis (1798-1872)

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“L” is for Lieber, Francis (1798-1872). Educator, political scientist. A native of Berlin, Lieber earned his doctor of philosophy degree degree from Jena University. In 1827 he immigrated to America where he edited the Encyclopedia Americana. This brought him widespread renown and a faculty appointment at South Carolina College. From 1849-1851 he served as acting president of the college. Although Lieber remained on the faculty until 1856, he was never happy in South Carolina—referring to his time there as his “southern exile.” In 1857 he accepted a position as chair of political science at Columbia College (now Columbia University). In 1863, Francis Lieber wrote “General Orders No. 100: Instructions for the Government of the Armies of the United States in the Field” [often called the Lieber Code], the first modern codification of the laws of war.

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