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"G” is for Gonzales, Ambrose Elliott (1857-1926)

“G” is for Gonzales, Ambrose Elliott (1857-1926). Journalist, businessman. Born in St. Paul’s Parish, Gonzales grew up in Charleston. As a young man he worked as a telegrapher at Grahamville and later as a general agent for the News and Courier. In 1890 he and his two brothers—Narciso and William—founded the State newspaper in Columbia—primarily as an anti-Ben Tillman daily. Ambrose held the titles of publisher, business manager, treasurer, and general manager, all of which he retained until he died. The newspaper was not an immediate success, but by the turn of the century was on its way to becoming one of the most influential newspapers in South Carolina. Under the leadership of Ambrose Elliott Gonzales, the State staked out its position as South Carolina’s leading progressive chronicle of the early twentieth century.

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