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SC Attorney General Alan Wilson during press conference Friday delivering findings from Annual HumanTrafficking Task Force Report
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A 360% increase in the total number of trafficking victims was recorded in South Carolina in 2019. There was also an increase in the number of human trafficking cases reported in the state. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced the release of the 2019 South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force’s Annual Report Friday.

Shea Sanders / Grace Church, Greenville. Used with permission.

Jasmine Road. Think of it as a path towards healing for women who once thought their lives of prostitution and other sex work were normal.

The women who come to Jasmine Road – a Greenville nonprofit that serves as a kind of rehab for mostly city women caught up in the revolving door of the criminal justice system – have had lives that are anything but normal. Most, says founder Beth Messick, began their lives in the sex trade when they were children; often sold in exchange for drugs when they were still single-digit ages.

Often by their mothers.