Historic Brattonsville Takes Steps To Retell, Honor a More Accurate Plantation History

Sep 29, 2017

South Carolina is steeped rich in military history. The state is home to several war battles and historic sites. In York County, Historic Brattonsville, a 775-acre historic Revolutionary War site, has hosted a Civil War reenactment event, for the past years. Recently, the Culture and Heritage Museums of York County, which oversees the site, recently announced it was cancelling the event. Officials cited safety and protest concerns following the violence in Charlottesville, VA and also the 2015 murders of nine black church members in Charleston, SC.

The annual event would have taken place October 27-29 and featured the reenactment of a Civil War battle by members of the 6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, a non-profit Historical and Living History Society. Members of the 6th (and others who look forward to the event, each year) are disappointed, but officials with the museum say taking a step back from the event, will give the opportunity to create a more accurate depiction of life in the Carolina Piedmont.