Troxler's Truckers: Vietnam Memories

Sep 18, 2017


Orvil Bumpus, Tim Campbell, Butch Gay, Mike Dickerson, James Henderson, Arthur Beaufort, and John Trulock.
Credit Gordon Humphries / University Of South Carolina, School Of Visual Art and Design

Note: Coinciding with broadcast on SCETV of The Vietnam War, a film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick,  Walter Edgar's Journal is re-publishing podcasts of some of our earlier programs.

In 1968, the 319th Transportation Company, an Army Reserve unit, was sent to fight in the Vietnam War. The unit drew most of its members from the Augusta, Georgia/Aiken, S.C. area. During their 11 month tour of duty, they drove their trucks over one million miles, delivering ammunition, supplies, and soldiers to bases around South Vietnam. They called themselves “Troxler's Truckers,” after their commanding officer.

Two of Troxler’s Truckers, Arthur Beaufort and Wallace Zealy, talk with Dr. Edgar about their unit’s time in Vietnam. They are joined by James Henderson, who created a documentary film called Troxler’s Truckers: Vietnam Memories.