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Denim Crafts

Denim is a versatile fabric.  It looks great, fits everybody, and holds up over time.  But there will come a time when you favorite jeans are too worn to wear.  Before you throw them out, think about ways that you can use the fabric! Re-using and re-purposing those old pants can save you money and save space in the landfill!  And you can do all sorts of creative things with denim.  And you’ve already got ready made pockets for hanging organizers, pocket refrigerator magnets, or that canvas tote that would be perfect if it only had a pocket.  If you have a large pile of old jeans, you could turn them into a braided denim rug or placemats and napkins for your next picnic.  Make a handbag or zippered pouch with those jeans, or turn them into potholders for the kitchen.