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“D” is for Davenport, Guy (1927-2005)

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“D” is for Davenport, Guy (1927-2005). Writer, educator, illustrator. A native of Anderson, Davenport graduated from Duke and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. He began his teaching career at Washington University in St. Louis. In 1952 while conducting research for an article he formed a lasting acquaintance with the modernist poet Ezra Pound—the subject of his Harvard dissertation. In 1963 he began teaching at the University of Kentucky. He considered himself a teacher foremost and his writings as “an extension of the classroom.” He was a prolific writer in multiple genres and an illustrator of his own books. He authored more than twenty books, including two poetry collections and book-length translations of classical texts by Sappho and Diogenes. An intellectual jack-of-all-trades, Guy Davenport was a South Carolinian who became an internationally respected man of letters.

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