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“B” is for Barbecue

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“B” is for Barbecue. South Carolina barbecue is slowly cooked, hand-pulled, or shredded pork that is flavored with a tangy sauce and usually served with side dishes such as rice, hash, Cole slaw, sweet pickles, white bread, and iced tea. There are at least four basic sauce types. Watery thin and fiery hot pepper concoctions dominate the Pee Dee region, while the Upstate and Savannah River areas favor peppery tomato or milder ketchup-based sauces. A yellow mustard-based sauce is favored in the Midlands. Sauces are often derived from secret family recipes, and each sauce has a strong regional following. Barbecue—frequently served on festive occasions-- is often the topic of friendly debate since many South Carolinians have strong preferences for particular types that reflect the cultural character and identity of specific regions or places.

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