On the Keys: Young People in Love with Chopin

Apr 28, 2015

Elisabeth Tsai

  Thursday night at 8:00 on ETV Radio's Classical Stations, On the Keys​ features the 15-year-old pianist Elisabeth Tsai. Last year Elisabeth won first place at the Music Teachers National Association Competition (MTNA). More telling of her artistic ability, at the same competition, she won the Chopin Prize, which is given to the best performance of a work by Chopin. You will hear her play the Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise by Chopin that was recorded during the winner’s concert in Chicago. Elisabeth comes from a musical family, Her two brother play string instruments and her father studied piano. she talks about her passion for Chopin and the challenge she faced during the winner’s concert evident in the recording. 

- Thursday night at 8:00 on ETV Radio's Classical Stations -